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A DUI is a serious crime for which you need expert legal advice
You can be arrested for a DUI if you've been drinking even when someone else causes an accident
Attorney Charles K. Thompson Defending the People of Middletown, CT

After a DUI arrest in Wethersfield, you need to turn to someone for legal advice. Attorney Charles K. Thompson has handled many DUI cases and always works for a best possible outcome for his clients. If you try to defend yourself, your rights could be at stake. Almost all prosecutors push for maximum penalties, especially when it's someone's second or third offense. We guide each client through the criminal justice process and the procedures at the DMV. Sometimes the driver who drinks is involved in an accident. In addition to a DUI charge, there could be a lawsuit. In that case, we can represent you in both civil and criminal court. If you were the victim of an accident someone else caused but you got a DUI, anyways, we still can help you get the treatment and compensation you deserve for your injuries.​

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