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A DUI is a serious charge
A breathalyzer test is one of many sobriety tests police officers use during a spot check or after pulling a driver over
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The first thing you should do if you're a Southington resident or visitor who's been arrested for a DUI is get an attorney who will protect your rights.  Attorney Charles K. Thompson handles many DUI cases and his offices are close to Southington. He will guide you through the criminal justice process and advise you how to handle the threat of losing your license. A DUI is a serious offense in CT and prosecutors are aggressive, often wanting maximum penalties imposed. Attorney Thompson knows how to get a favorable outcome for DUI cases, even if someone has been arrested for DUI two or three times. He will also defend you in a civil case if you were in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in a personal injury. Even if you've been hurt by someone else's negligence, you can get a DUI if your blood alcohol level is over the limit. Attorney Thompson's priorities are defending clients' rights and getting favorable outcomes in court.​

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