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If someone else causes an accident, you can still be arrested for a DUI if a police officeer suspects you've been drinking
If you had a lot to drink, you still can be charged with a DUI even if someone else causes the accident
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If you got arrested for DUI in Meriden or anywhere else in CT, choosing to defend yourself could lead to many unpleasant consequences, even jail time. You need the kind of strong legal defense we provide at the Law Offices of Charles K. Thompson. The DUI laws are tough and the prosecutor will try to seek the maximum penalties when you go to court. You'll have to face the state motor vehicle department, too. What you'll also find frustrating are the proceedings in the criminal justice system. Whether it's your first offense or second or third, our legal team will help you defend your rights. We strive for a favorable outcome in every case. No complication is too big for us to work out. We even can help you if you suffered personal injuries during a traffic accident caused by someone else yet you got arrested for DUI because you've had some drinks. We are legal defense lawyers who work to protect the rights of all Meriden citizens who were arrested for DUI.​

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