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If you've been arrested for a DUI in Bristol, you need legal help right away
If you are under the influence in an accident, you most likely will be charged with a DUI even when an accident is not your fault.
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Your world has changed now that you have been arrested for DUI in the Waterbury area. If it's the first time you've been arrested, you don't realize how much you need a lawyer to protect your rights. A prosecutor might aggressively try to get a judge to "throw the book at you." Under Connecticut's strict laws, you could face jail time, driver's license suspension and a stiff fine. This could make it hard for you to get to work and could put your family through a lot of stress. When you hire Attorney Charles K. Thompson to represent you, your rights will be protected and he will make dealing with the criminal justice system and MVD a lot easier. What's more, the attorney always works for the best possible outcome for his clients. If your DUI charge occurs after a traffic accident, Attorney Thompson can represent you in any civil court if there are injuries. Even if the accident is not your fault and you get hurt, we'll let you know what rights you have to be compensated. We'll take care of the legal stuff so you can get on with your life.​

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