Criminal Law

Attorney Thompson has the experience, knowledge and reputation to successfully represent his clients in state and juvenile courts. Whether it is winning in the courtroom or obtaining favorable plea bargains, his clients are assured of having a criminal defense lawyer that they can trust to protect their interest when the stakes are often high.

Attorney Thompson represents clients charged with assault, robbery, kidnapping, sex crimes, arson, forgery, sale and possession of controlled drugs, criminal threatening and criminal trespass and embezzlement.


He also specializes in helping clients with drunk driving and operating under the influence offenses. As the punishment and consequences of DUI offenses have become increasingly severe, including mandatory jail sentences, it has become increasingly important for those charged with DUI to have someone who can help them understand and navigate the complexities of the system.

Attorney Thompson has the knowledge, experience and skill to successfully defend his clients to avoid or minimize a consequence that may threaten a person’s job and disrupt their family’s lives.

Attorney Thompson spent years and worked hard to establish the highest of reputations for integrity in the criminal justice system. Clients trust him with what can be the most important matter and decision of their life.

Personal Injury

-Auto Accidents

-Truck Accidents

-Wrongful Death

-Other Personal Injury

Have you been hurt in an accident? If so, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Attorney Thompson helps injury victims throughout Connecticut after they suffer serious injuries or wrongful death.


The process of applying for disability benefits can be challenging for someone who is not familiar with the system. More than 80 percent of the people who start the process on their own have their initial claims turned down. Attorney Thompson can improve your chances significantly by presenting your case in the most favorable light.